BGW-magnetic holder HM4

For fixing internally threaded anchors to formworks

The HM4 magnetic holder system is especially suited for fixing internally threaded anchors e.g. threaded anchors, wave end lifting anchors, socket anchors etc. to steel formworks. Neodymium magnets guarantee a strong hold even with small surface coverage. The screw-on parts are either interchangeable or fixed, depending on the model. The strength of the magnet is also adjustable.

Magneettipidin HM4

HM4 Magnetic holder benefits and specifications

  • suitable for fixing all types of threaded anchors to element moulds
  • the required size and force can be found from our product range
  • neodymium magnets provide a strong hold

Recommended accessories

Anchors suitable for the HM4 magnetic holder

  • Threaded anchors
  • Wave end anchors DWL and DWK
  • Lifting anchors SNA
  • Socket anchors

Download a PDF- brochure of our HM4-Magneet holders