Formwork system with a steel profile and inbuilt attaching system

A formwork system that contains everything for setting concrete elements

This BGW –formwork system can be obtained for various different solutions such as the casting of filigran, sandwich, façade, column and slab concrete elements.

The formwork can be constructed for continuous production or for situations demanding flexibility with frequently changing element sizes. The fixing mechanism can be made to work manually or operated by robot.

The HM13 formwork system is comprised of a steel profile and an inbuilt magnetic attaching mechanism that is suitable for fixing to most bases.

Benefits and specifications of the BGW-HM13 formwork system

  • extremely light weight
  • easy and sturdy to handle
  • easy maintenance due to open system
  • form profile change by opening only three screws
  • the mechanism is protected from dirt
  • easy to clean
  • the system is held to the table by magnet.Corresponding products slide off when the adjustment knob is pressed down. (danger of injury when putting formwork together).
  • spring elements pull the formwork towards the table preventing concrete from seeping under the form (approx 120 kg of spring force per unit)
  • spring elements help in releasing the magnets
  • a non-magnetic handling knob makes stacking the profiles easy
  • magnetic force of 900 kg, depending of the base (steel, thickness, temperature, surface roughness, surface straightness)
  • extremely durable
  • excellent price/quality ratio

Our product range

  • BGW-Formwork system HM13
    • with either a fixed or removable steel profile
    • integrated HM13-magnetic holder

Additional accessories

  • Release catch
  • HM13 spares

(PDF: technical details)