The light and safe slot former system has inbuilt magnets and a plastic PU body.

For the production of wall and ceiling elements

This magnetic system is constructed especially for forming grooves, e.g. montage slots, and for raising up shutterings. The profile consists of a polyurethane body with magnetic inserts at its bottom and the body is made more rigid with a pipe inserted during the setting of the profile. Depending on the length, a hollow body material is pured in. So the weight can be hold low, and the stability is better. This makes the handling of even big profiles extremely easy and increases the reliability. The used plastic polyurethan has several advantages: e.g. it does not swell during the concrete process (like wooden shutterings) and so it can be easily removed.

According to its construction, the BGW-slot former system HM12 can be handled easily, and is extremely resistent against wear and tear. It is recommended to spray new items twice to prevent that concrete sticks at the former. Positionate the former profile at the right place and concrete it. After removing the former, positionate the former and spray former and the whole shuttering again, and so on.

By mean of the special production process, an individual adjustment of the shape according to your individual production is easily possible. According to the field of application (horizontal or vertical), the necessary magnetic adhesion strength can be installed.

The slot former profile can be sawed according to the needed length. Doing , the position of the magnetic inserts it has to be payed attention to, so that the functionability of the items will be not reduced.

Benefits and specifications of the HM12-Slot former system

  • Magnetic base
  • Light weight (approx 3,5 kg/m)
  • functional and durable body
  • easy to use
  • Good work safety
  • No threat of sharp metal edges
  • No moving parts therefore no maintenance
  • smooth non-stick surface
  • Bend proof – 100 % straight
  • requires minimal storage space