Magnetic holder HM4, pocket formers and electrical box holder magnets

For attaching anchors and boxes to formworks

Our product range also consists of magnetic holders for fixing anchors to steel formworks for the attaching of e.g. electrical and mounting boxes.


Our product range

  • BGW-Magnetic holder HM4
    • threaded anchors and sockets
    • thread sizes M8 - M52
  • BGW-Magnetic holder HM5
    • Capstan anchors
  • BGW Magnetic holder HM9
    • TPA-anchors (nail plate anchors)
  • BGW-magnetic holder HM16
    • anchor rails (anchor channels)
  • BGW-Magnetic holder HM8
    • Spelsberg-box attaching
    • Electrical box magnets
    • We have many models for different brands, among others:
      • ABB
      • Ensto
      • Strömfors (Schneider Electric)
      • Elko
      • Thorsman (Schneider Electric)